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We are grateful for the support provided by our sponsors, and we invite you to become a sponsor. Your contribution, at any level, supports the mission of the chorus in a variety of ways.

The Columbus Chorus is a non-profit organization that holds fundraising events throughout the year. Why? Because there's a lot going on! Take a look at what's involved in a performance:

Tambourines, Maracas, Claves, Drums
“Instruments? I didn’t think you used instruments” is a question that is often asked. Barbershop harmony, however, has evolved through the years to include all styles of music from nearly every genre. So, from time to time, instruments are used to enhance these songs. They add to the emotion and drama of the song. For example, on a song with a Latin beat, the maracas might be played, or for a gospel tune, a tambourine.

This past year, Columbus Chorus has used several percussion instruments and are fortunate to have several members who use their talents to “enhance” the songs. One song that has become a favorite for its soaring melody and compelling lyrics is “Let The River Run”, written by Carly Simon. The percussion score of her recording was adapted by chorus member Georgia. If you listen and look carefully, you’ll hear tambourine, claves, a shaker, and d’jembe drums with those unaccompanied voices!

Choreography is used to enhance the entertainment value of chorus performances and is an integral part of Sweet Adelines barbershop harmony singing. Columbus Chorus choreographers, Pam, Carol and Jen bring their special talents in this area to the chorus. They are responsible for creating the visual plan for the songs and teaching chorus members the dance moves and facial expressions. And, as Pam and Carol always say, “There is one more thing!” that can be worked on to improve the overall visual effect.

Costumes and Make-up
“Fitting costumes for a chorus this size is like trying to wrap over 75 Christmas presents of different sizes with one roll of Christmas paper”, says Carol, former co-chair of the costume committee. Lois is now responsible for this huge task of fittings and accessories, such as earrings, extra sequin overlays and other necessary costume needs.

Equally as important as costumes is the make-up. Pat, make-up chairperson, selects colors and types of make-up, provides make-up instruction, and checks individuals prior to performances for proper application. Sandy has joined Pat and Lois in making the chorus look its best by using her talents in hair styling.

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